Retirement Strategies

Do you have retirement strategies? Will you outlive your money in retirement? We make sure you are as prepared as possible for retirement by helping ensure your income needs are fulfilled. We can also review how to protect your assets and reduce taxes on Social Security.

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Health Care Plans

Health care costs are high and getting higher. Who will pay your bills if you have a serious accident or a major illness? With health insurance, you protect yourself and your family in case you need medical care that has the potential to be very expensive.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance rates have decreased over the last 10 years with people living longer. Whether you need term, whole life, universal life or final expense – we can custom design a solution. Not sure how much you might need? Let us help you complete a needs analysis.

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Putting It All Together

We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all our clients. We believe in helping you assess your financial goals, health care needs and participate in the management of your finances.

We serve you to put all the puzzle pieces of life together in a solution that best fits your needs and financial situation. We want to be your resource to a life-long relationship.

Are you prepared for retirement?

More than 58% of savers say they feel unprepared for retirement. This is one of the reasons that Cronson & Associates offers complimentary consultations. We can sit down together and make sure you have a plan in place, and more importantly, make sure that plan will meet your retirement goals.

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We provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services.
Our personalized program is a roadmap to working toward a more secure financial future.

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