Long-Term Care Insurance

Care can be provided in various settings based on your plan of care. Costs can be reimbursed up to your full monthly benefit for qualified long-term care services provided in the following settings:

  • Your home

  • An assisted living facility

  • A nursing home or hospice care facility

  • An adult day care

Informal day care may be reimbursed up to 50 percent of your unused monthly benefit for services provided by a family member or friend in your home.

Flexible Benefits

Your long term care insurance plan includes a flexible benefit, which is designed to provide greater flexibility in the types of care, services, and products available to you – beyond those defined as covered expenses. With the flexible benefit, up to 50 percent of the unused monthly benefit will be available to you, based on your plan care for:

  • Care provided by family members – even immediate family members living in the same household, including your spouse
  • Care provided by friends, neighbors, or other informal support networks
  • Training for an informal caregiver
  • Care related products or personal supplies, such as lift chair or hospital bed
  • Durable medical equipment or other home medical technology

How does Long Term Care Insurance differ from your medical coverage?

Your medical plan provides benefits to help with costs for medical care you might need- usually due to an injury or illness. The goal of the medical care is to help you heal and get better. Medical care is most often provided in a hospital, doctor’s office, or outpatient clinic

Long Term Care insurance differs from your medical coverage. It provides benefits for personal care and assistance with everyday activities like eating, bathing, and dressing which you may need due to a physical or cognitive impairment. Long-Term care is often provided in your own home, and assisted living facility, adult day care center or nursing home.

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