Medicare is a health insurance program run by the government for people age 65 and older, and for people under 65 with certain disabilities. Understanding more about Medicare will make it easier to choose the right plan. It can be overwhelming and complicated. There are dates and deadlines to remember, lots of confusing terms and different kinds of plans. How do you cut through the clutter in your mailbox and inbox to make the right decisions? We can help!

Medicare Supplements / Medigap or Medicare Advantage, Part D-Rx Plans

These types of plans are available with many factors to consider. Do you travel and need the flexibility for out-of-state coverage? Let us look at what plan might fit the needs for your situation. We can review your current prescription drugs also to determine what Medicare Part D card will work best. We are an independent agency and provide several carrier choices.

The benefit to using Cronson & Associates services includes a no-obligation consultation and application process. If you haven’t started receiving Medicare information yet, you soon will and not just a little information, but a TON of brochures and pamphlets. This sometimes can be overwhelming. Once all the brochures and advertisements start rolling in we will go through them with you, helping you sift through the junk mail and informing you about what is important. We will also help you understand your prescription drug coverage and the options that will work best with your Rx needs and your budget.

Put Medicare in Focus

Learn about your health care coverage options associated with Medicare and clear up any confusion. With all the choices you have for your health care coverage, it’s important to understand how each one works, its benefits and your share of the costs. Medicare pays a portion of your health care costs for hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care and physician’s services and supplies. However, it does not pay all of your expenses and requires you to pay deductibles and coinsurance for many services. A Medicare supplement insurance policy can help pay some of the charges Medicare doesn’t cover.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Also called Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans work the most like the health insurance you had before Medicare. When you need care, you have just one ID card for all services. We handle your claims. Most of our Medicare Advantage plans include benefits you don’t get with Original Medicare, like Part D prescription drugs and routine dental, vision and hearing care. So they’re a complete insurance package.

More Medicare Options

Original Medicare only pays a portion of your health care expenses for approved services. You’re responsible for the rest. But we have plans that can help you fill in the gaps. They cover some or all of your share of the costs. They also pay for some things Medicare doesn’t, like more days in the hospital.
Part D Prescription Drug Plans


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