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For many of us, summer is a great time of year. There are family get-togethers, vacations, cookouts, warm nights and lazy days at the beach – it all adds up to fun.

Here’s our handpicked collection of the top summertime advice from Cleveland Clinic experts that will help to make the best of the sultry months for you and your family:

Cold comfort

Ice cream is at the heart of many childhood memories — the music from the ice cream truck drifting down the street, a plastic helmet full of the sweet treat at a ball park, sticky fingers and full bellies. You can recreate these sweet memories without overindulging if you see ice cream as a treat. Save it for special occasions and eat it in moderation, and you’ll be making summer memories for many years to come.

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Big bang caution

Fireworks and summer go hand in hand. But used incorrectly, fireworks can be the source of serious injury. More than half of the injuries that occur on the Fourth of July are the result of firecrackers, bottle rockets and sparklers. Tom Waters, MD, an emergency room physician in Cleveland Clinic’s Emergency Department, says most of fireworks-related injuries he sees involve arms and legs.

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Cookouts with smarts

Having family or friends over for a cookout? Never fear — it doesn’t mean you’ll blow your diet. And it doesn’t mean you’ll disappoint your guests with bland or boring fare, either. Our registered dietitians have a number of helpful tips to help you to trim calories, fat and salt without sacrificing flavor or putting a damper on the festivities. Your waistline will appreciate it — and so will your guests.

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Sunscreen savvy

For many of us, trying to compare one sunscreen to another can be way too complicated. With so many formulas on the shelf, how do you pick? After you choose the best sunscreen, it’s important to use it correctly, too. Our infographic shows you how to choose a sunscreen wisely and use it correctly.

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Illness-free travel

Whether you’re going by plane, train or automobile, you’re looking forward to vacation. The last thing you want to do is get sick. Roxanne Sukol, MD, a preventive medicine specialist in Cleveland Clinic’s Executive Health Program, says it’s easy to get sick when you travel but has some tips for staying healthy on the road.

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Bug bites gone bad

When your child gets stung or bitten, you just want to help make it better as soon as possible. How do you know if the bite is improving on its own or needs a doctor’s attention? Find the answers you need to survive the insects of summer.

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Planning for allergies

If you suffer from allergies, the best time of year to take a vacation is also the best time to catch a big whiff of pollen that kicks off a super-sized sneezing fit. Whether your allergies are seasonal, animal, dust or food-related, it’s a good idea to work them into your trip preparations so you’re not caught unaware.

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